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A 12-week intuitive & energetic development training program specifically designed for coaches, healers, soul-based business owners or anyone deeply feeling the call to expand and harness their natural intuitive abilities.

If you are wanting to know more about the course and module content please go to the inner hue website "Work with Me" page. Or email me - laurenaletta@innerhue.com

This leadership and development program covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of understanding your own intuitive and energetic system and developing your natural abilities and competency at tuning in to the energy of others and all things – physical and non-physical.

It is a course that will not only strengthen your own vibrational system, connecting you more deeply with your Soul Self, purpose and inner guidance, it will also increase your sensitivity and ability to support your clients or work team in their own self exploration and soul evolution. Remember – we’re all in this together!

This is a 12-week intensive. While there will be a lot of information covered in a short amount of time, a strong foundation will be established for you to build upon. However, it does require you to focus yourSelf and commit to the content, exploration and adventure it will open up for you.

The course has been intentionally developed to first bring your awareness to your own unique make up, allowing you to further understand and develop upon your strengths.


The modules will provide you with multi-faceted tools such as reflective questioning, theoretical information, energetic and channelling activities, videos and meditations to encourage and support you to move outside any of your current paradigms and into the container of your larger leading edge Self.

From here we more deeply explore your vibrational nature, your toroidal structure and heart intelligence, developing your self trust by learning to discern the difference between your Human Self and Soul Self and the purpose, wisdom and guidance of each.

Finally, we move into preparing you to practically move out into the world and do the work.

If you are wanting to more about the course email me at - laurenaletta@innerhue.com